1. Admin Management Dashboard: Equip your platform with a comprehensive admin dashboard for managing the knowledge base and FAQs, ensuring efficient content management and user support.
  2. Extensive Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with various BiCrypto modules, including Binary, Wallets, ICO, MLM, Ecosystem, Forex, P2P, Ecommerce, Frontend, Staking, AI Trading, MailWizard, Investments, and KYC. This integration ensures a unified knowledge base across all aspects of the platform.
  3. FAQs Management System: Features a robust system for managing frequently asked questions (FAQs), allowing for easy updates and modifications to ensure the most current information is available to users.
  4. State-of-the-Art Nuxt 3 Frontend: Utilize the advanced Nuxt 3 technology for the frontend, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface for accessing the knowledge base and FAQs.
  5. Powerful UWS 20 Backend: Powered by the UWS 20 backend framework, known for its high performance and reliability, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient operation of the knowledge base.

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Knowledge Base FAQs addon for Bicrypto
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Last Update: March 31, 2024
Relased: March 31, 2024